In a hole in the ground there lived an Englishman

Despite my grumbles about the Hobbit being made into three films instead of one, we did go to see the first of the new trilogy and enjoyed most of it. I’m assuming that readers of this blog will have read the book so can go on to say that the way they handled the troll scene really irritated me. The whole point of the scene in the book (about the use of wit instead of weapons) was sacrificed in favour of an all-out action sequence, seemingly created by nervous film executives for the attention-span-of-a-gnat generation.

My favourite scene? When Bilbo’s hobbit hole was being slowly taken over by strangers and he was trying to make his fury known by repeatedly saying “I’m sorry”. That clip should be shown as an instructional video to people emigrating to the United Kingdom.

(Part of the same kit should also be Watching the English, Notes from a Small Island and a towel).


2 thoughts on “In a hole in the ground there lived an Englishman

    • It’s just so endearing 🙂 I just don’t think many cultures fully understand English-English because of these sorts of things. It’s not just the words.

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