A glimpse into the inner workings of Givaudan

Not all perfume enthusiasts are aware that most of the events organised by the British Society of Perfumers are open to the general public. I like to attend as many lectures and events as I can, but even though I can’t personally make next week’s “Ethical Sourcing for Perfumery: Nice or Necessity” at the Royal Society of Chemistry, it could be a really fascinating evening out if you want to get a glimpse inside the perfume industry and into the inner workings of its largest player, Givaudan.

Herve Fretay, Givaudan (via Persolaise)

Herve Fretay, Givaudan (via Persolaise)

I must also admit that part of the reason I’d like to be there even though I can’t, is that the presenter, Herve Fretay, who I had the pleasure of meeting in one of Odette Toilette’s events, is utterly charming.

During the evening he will be talking about ethically sourcing natural perfume ingredients for Givaudan – and it’s obvious that this will be a little bit of an advertorial for the company, but you will still learn a lot and enjoy the evening if the topic interests you.

One day I’ll blog about how to get into the perfume industry but for the time being, I can share one of the tips with you right now: be curious. Attend events and talk to people who are passionate about the topic. You will learn so much and meet many interesting people. It used to be much harder to break into the industry but one does not have to be a native French speaker, male, a chemistry major or born into a family of perfumers these days to get involved (although all of the above would help immensely).

The British Society of Perfumers celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. “Ethical Sourcing for Perfumery: Nice or Necessity” is on Thursday the 7th of February.


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