A perfume training workshop coming up in April

Have you always wanted to know how perfumes are made? Do you blog about perfumes or sell them? Do you want to see if a career in perfumery might be right for you?

Penny Williams

Penny Williams

My friend Penny Williams from Orchadia is running a one day perfume training workshop that you might be interested in. Download the event info and see what you think! This is likely to sell out fast so think quickly.

The event is happening on Tuesday 16th of April in Thrapston, Northants, UK.

This is what Penny has to say about the day:

Come along to our Perfume Training Workshop to smell & discover more about perfume and perfumery.
With lots of practical smelling & real world examples of ingredients and perfumed products, we will explore perfume and all it entails.
Starting with raw materials and how we smell, we’ll then explore the job the perfume does. It’s not just a pretty smell! What makes a perfume ’right’ for a person, a product or a package? How are fragrances created in a modern day Perfume House? In addition we’ll visit the technical & creative requirements and undertake a fragrance creation exercise.


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