Wondaroma – a new podcast about the world of fragrance

Kermit and Jim HensonChristine Daley from Perfumer Supply House has created a new podcast all about the fragrance and flavour industry. She plans to interview a variety of people – perfumers, indie perfumers, flavourists and fragrance experts.

She asked me some questions over Skype a few weeks ago, and we ended up talking about how I came to be a perfumer, about the creation of HQ fragrance for Lush, and about IFRA and fragrance allergies. I also talked about my minor Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop obsession (back in the London College of Fashion days). Actually, I just generally wanted to work in special effects but only got as far as A & B blood, squibs and latex creations until I realised that the guys who had been baking horror masks in the oven since they were twelve were wayyy ahead, and I didn’t quite cut it.

Listen to Episode 2 of Wondaroma here!


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