YouTube shenanigans – Love to Smell launches today

Some of you may know that Nick Gilbert and I have been working on a new YouTube channel behind the scenes – we always get carried away when we’re smelling things and decided to get carried away on camera (what could go wrong?).

There’s a website with shownotes and we’ve got several episodes in the can already, with a diverse range of fragranced products to review and talk about. Vlogging is a new thing for us, so we decided to ignore how perfume vlogs normally work and just do our own thing. This may be for the better or worse.

Please give our intro episode a watch and check back again on the 3rd of June for our first official episode.

4 thoughts on “YouTube shenanigans – Love to Smell launches today

  1. Wonderful on more levels that you can shake a bit of foliage at! That shower gel sounds amazing, and I don’t even like grapefruit – though the pink aspect is majorly mitigating.

    And I think I must have met you two around the same time? – it was certainly a Basenotes meet up a number of years ago…: )

  2. Fab – and did you deliberately co-ordinate your outfits?

    Good luck with “love to smell”:-)

    • Oh yes, it was a deliberate arrangement after an accidental co-ordination during my (almost) annual perfume tour two years ago. 😀 And thank you!

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