Contact and PR

If you’d like to get in touch, please send an email to Pia.Long @ (remove the extra spaces). You can also contact me via Twitter or via the Facebook page of this blog.

I am a Perfumer & Flavorist columnist, contribute to Basenotes, The Scented Letter and to other publications. I wrote for the award-winning ODOU magazine (which is currently on ice) and you will occasionally find content popping up on P&, too.

My writing has appeared on various websites and blogs over the years, as well as in fragrance industry publications and brand campaigns. I ghost-write for businesses (product stories, press releases, training documents, marketing copy, blog content and so on). I also help clients with brand strategy, marketing and market research.

My academic writing has won the David Williams Award (2010); an article featured in Issue 1 of ODOU magazine was nominated for the Literary Jasmine Award (2014); an article in this blog was nominated for the Blogger Jasmine award (2015) and my article “Handpicked Hedione” in ODOU #4 was shortlisted for the 2016 Indie Literary Jasmine Award.

I am always looking for interesting subjects for my column and other features (the latest include Luca Turin, Ruth Mastenbroek and Dr. Jenny Tillotson).

Currently I would like to speak with:

  • Fragrance industry professionals in fragrance houses
  • Growers and ingredient suppliers
  • Fragrance retailers
  • Indie perfumers and brand owners

Please get in touch for more information.

PR and reviews

I do sometimes review perfumes or related products, though it can be tricky because I work in the industry myself (so please understand if I decline a request – it’s usually to do with a potential conflict of interest). I’m more likely to review products I’ve used and loved, and do not post negative reviews. Please do get in touch just in case. I am particularly interested in creative brands and innovative or unusual products and technology.

Occasionally I will review beauty products from a professional point of view – having worked in the industry for decades, I am not easily swayed by the latest celeb craze or an ad campaign, and look for products that really work.

Any beauty products or perfumes I have reviewed here have been bought with my own money unless otherwise stated in the article.


I am currently not accepting any custom perfumery briefs. I am working for a set of private clients and on some personal projects, and have access to a well-equipped professional perfume lab as well as an extensive fragrance industry network.