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Some of you may be mostly interested in perfume talk. As fascinating as my banana bread recipes are, they may get in the way. Here is a collection of perfume-related content on this blog:

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LUSH_HQ_perfumeLush Legacy and Volatile Fiction

In which I tell you about the last perfumery work I did for Lush and why this blog is called Volatile Fiction.

This category also includes the popular post What is a Perfumer and how to Become One“.

“…why would anyone get frustrated if an independent person, self-taught, buys some materials, blends them, bottles them, sells them, and calls themselves a perfumer? That’s because within the industry, a perfumer is a term with a very specific meaning. It’s a job description.”

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Alien EDTInvasion of the Body Snatchers

In which I tell you what I think about Alien EdT and how I came to own a bottle.

“Not everyone is aware that most perfume brands change the scent for each concentration variant, so a pure perfume will have a different, usually more basenote-heavy balance, an Eau de Parfum will be a robust scent in its own right and an Eau de Toilette can be a whole new interpretation of the theme (never mind the obsession with “flankers”; variations of a theme outside of the available space of the mere concentration spectrum).”

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Collector or a hedonist: different approaches to perfume fandomAre you a collector or a hedonist? Different approaches to perfume fandom

In which I discuss the different ways I’ve grown to appreciate perfumes.

“Most people whom I’ve met through mutual scent-obsession have a bit of both in them. My epiphany is that I started out as the former and have become the latter. I want to connect to people for whom our sense of smell gives pleasure and I wish to inspire the same pleasure in others. I accept I don’t have the time or inclination to perfume-spot my way through the new launches any more and will let myself be swept upon the tides of scented serendipity.”


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